Organizations Behind The Hall

The Native Sons Hall

Two Pescadero Organizations own The Pescadero Native Sons Hall: The Native Sons of the Golden West, Pescadero Parlor and The Pescadero History Society. Together these groups have teamed up to preserve our 130 year old hall, allowing it to continue serving our small, rural community.

The Native Sons of the Golden West

December 5th, 1848 President Polk announced that gold had been found in California. This news very quickly brought an influx of immigrants to the state. The gold rush was on. Albert Maver Winn, Founder of the Native Sons of the Golden West

After the civil war, many veterans began to move to California. Old-timers worried that the history and lore of that unquely identified the state would be lost, so they decided to form an organization of men that had been born in California, whose mission would be topreserve California’s history. The Native Sons of the Golden West was formed on July 11, 1875.

The Native Sons have been involved in restoration projects of historic buildings since the 1880s. Today, The Native Sons still placemarkers, sponsor history essay contents for schoolchildren, offer scholarships, co-sponsor conferences and lectures and work with other historical organizations.

The Pescadero History Society was formed in 2005…